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This NATURAL PLACE is destined to the practice the diving. This dive is special due is full of marine life. The depth goes from -14m to -30m as we approach the top of the stone. Place where we can see the remains of wrecks (2 cars and an old fishing boat) are only the engines wheels and doors. It is very possible to encounter sunfishes, dentex, groupers and congers. The diving is easy to access with lots of life and nudibranch species of various colors and very attractive, distance from the beach 120 meters aprox. This natural beach is used for practising dive skills and to enjoy a fantastic dive, as it is known to be a special dive site, due to the amazing marine life and the caves.
One of the caves is easy to discover; the entry is in 12m depth . During the dives in the caves it is NOT necessary to use a light but totaly recomend to see in to the rock holes. Important to mention is the fact that divers must have minimum advance certification and good diving skills .

Characteristics of diving:

Visibilidad: Excellent
UW Life : Plenty
Corriente: a lot
Nivel: Advance