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Diving Courses: Yes or no?
This is the questions we usually ask ourselves when considering a new sport, especially underwater sport. The answer is often as varied as the reason for the question.

If we accept swimming to be the most complete sport, then diving is even better, as it exercises the different muscles and favors lung capacity expansion, exercises psychomotor skills and many other things sport doctors mention permanently.

We could also say that diving improves the individual´s relationship with the aquatic environment, which as direct effect reaches greater relaxation and tranquility. This topic has been discussed by many psychologists before. However, the essential question remains: Do we really reach greater relaxation and tranquility? Does it form the essence of what a person needs and wants from this sport? All that we have peered at is two big eyes looking for something; something that we have never experienced before. We were looking for a surprise, fascination and maybe even a little magic. 

There is nothing comparable to dive. Being able to breathe under water in absolute comfort while moving in three dimensions makes us feel like explorers of a hallucinatory world. It is a world where the next surprise lies behind the next corner. A world in which animals inhabit very differently to what we usually see. A world where everything is orderly and balanced. It is a world that only few people have access to.

For years now I have lived the passion of being a diver. The best job in the world is being a dive instructor as you can experience the magic of the first dive again and again. There is nothing comparable to the pleasure of seeing the happiness on the face of a man or woman who has just experienced the fascination of the sea below the waves for the first time.

Undoubtedly, this is what we seek when practicing this sport, as well as the possibility of adventures and the search for everyday´s experience to be different. This is diving: A little magic and a lot of you!! It is the greatness of this different and wonderful world where emotions are common.

Diving is a non-competetive activity. It is a world where adults become children again and the sea transforms into a huge playground.

It is not necessary that you are an athlete or a great swimmer, it is only necessary to encourage you to play, to surprise, to get excited. You decide whether you want to experience the magic of diving...


Adrian Bilous
PADI TBM 950 752