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This course provides the necessary knowledge for the diver it acts immediately before a diving accident, and essential oxygen administration in the initial and other medical treatments prior to now. copy translation The planning dives along with the knowledge acquired by diving professionals and practitioners in the field of first aid, will be the most powerful and effective tool to act immediately to serious accidents such as arterial gas embolism or disease decompression.


To provide knowledge of the initial and quick in diving accidents those responsible for dive clubs, trainers, professionals and practitioners in sport diving performance.

Learning to identify quickly diving accidents both conscious and unconscious accientados and treat immediately by administration of normobaric oxygen.

Knowing the different ways to administer normobaric oxygen and handle the various management teams oxygen. Contents: anatomical and physiological cardiorespiratory remember. Respiratory dynamics. Heart pump. Hemodynamic stability. Indications in the Shock adminis tration of oxygen. Contraindications to the administration of oxygen. Specific pathology waterways. Accident pulmonary overpressure. Decompression illness. Drowning. Stress, panic. Poisoning gases. Recommendations of the European Council Ressuscitation for Basic Life Support

8 hours

Price : 100 euros